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Delicate tonic lotion, leaves the skin perfectly clean and soft. Formulation enriched with coral algae, marine collagen, Aloe and provitamin B5. It gives vitality and freshness to the skin. Helps to maintain the correct PH of the skin. Alcohol-free formula.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES coral alga - marine collagen - Aloe - provitamin B5

How to use: distribute the product on a cotton pad or directly on the fingertips and dab face and neck.



Creamy and emollient cleanser, it gently removes make-up and any impurities without leaving residues, making the skin soft and supple. Formulation enriched with coral algae, marine collagen, Aloe and provitamin B5. Suitable for all skin types, helps prevent skin dehydration, has no greasy bases.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES coral alga - marine collagen - Aloe

How to use: use morning and / or evening. Apply the product using a cotton pad or directly with your fingertips on the face and neck, rinse gently with water and proceed with the application of the tonic lotion.



Innovative protective serum, formulated to protect the skin from environmental stress and the blue light emitted by the screens of electronic devices. Fast absorbing transparent texture that creates a protective film against micro particles and harmful emissions.

How to use: pour a few drops of the fluid on the palm of the hand, then apply on the face and neck with a light tap of the fingertips. Antipollution face drops can also be mixed with the nourishing face cream.

*Antipollution Scavanger test in vitro



Nourishing face mask, suitable for all skin types. Thanks to the precious active ingredients such as caviar extract, Codium Tomentosum seaweed and marine collagen, it is an excellent adjuvant in the treatment against the passage of time, the skin is brighter and fresher thanks to its nourishing action.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES caviar extract - marine collagen - Codium Tomentosum seaweed

How to use: apply an even layer of product on completely cleansed face and neck. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse using warm water. Avoid the eye area.



Nourishing face cream, suitable for all skin types. Enriched with caviar extract that helps to give strength to the fabric and protects it, Codium Tomentosum seaweed, Shea butter and marine collagen. The skin appears radiant, soft and supple.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES caviar extract - marine collagen - Codium Tomentosum seaweed - Shea butter

How to use: apply to cleansed and dry face, neck and décolleté. Distribute with circular movements until absorbed.



Specific face cream for impure, combination or oily skin, also suitable for particularly shiny skin thanks to its mattifying effect. Formulation enriched with mandelic acid, caper and prickly pear extracts, Lavender essential oil, Laminaria Saccharina seaweed and tea tree oil. High rebalancing action and pleasant sensation of freshness.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES caper extract - prickly pear - E.O. Lavender - Laminaria Saccharina seaweed

How to use: apply to cleansed and dry face and neck. Distribute with circular movements until completely absorbed.



Specific balm for the delicate eye contour area enriched with golden micro-particles. It nourishes, illuminates and gives uniformity. Its innovative texture, soft and enveloping, is quickly absorbed, giving new splendor and youth to the eye. Day after day, the eye contour is firmer and brighter. Recommended for smooth skin without wrinkles.

How to use: apply morning and evening to the cleansed eye area. Massage until completely absorbed.



Nourishing and restorative night cream, formulated with precious active ingredients for the skin to help  natural cell regeneration at night. Enriched with Codium Tomentosum algae, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, Argan oil and Shea butter. Prevents damage caused by free radicals, nourishes in depth favoring  tone and elasticity of the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES alga Codium Tomentosum - vitamin E - hexapeptides - hyaluronic acid - argan oil - shea butter 

How to use: applicare ogni sera su viso e collo detersi. Distribuire con movimenti circolari.




Here you can discover and learn in detail all the active ingredients used, their benefits and their characteristics, essential for the effectiveness and excellent quality of our formulations.


Hyaluronic acid

It is a molecule produced by our body that regenerates tissues, hydrates them and protects them. It gives the skin elasticity, softness, firmness and resistance. Over time, its concentration within the connective tissue of the skin tends to decrease, this continuous decrease is one of the main causes of skin aging and the formation of wrinkles and imperfections.

PROPERTY: stimulates and reactivates the cellular function of the skin, giving essential hydration to keep the skin in good health. For all these reasons, this substance has been used successfully in the dermatological-aesthetic field for several years now.


Alga Codium Tomentosum

Small green algae typical of the North-East Atlantic, in particular of the British Isles. Among its properties there is an excellent and powerful moisturizing and nourishing factor both on the surface and in depth.

PROPERTY: rich in fatty acids, enzymes, minerals, trace elements, proteins and vitamins. It has excellent slimming, antioxidant, moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging properties.


Alga corallina

Known for centuries for its properties, it consists of proteins and mineral salts that combine with the proteins of the epidermis to form a protective film, a natural defense against adverse weather conditions and sunlight. It lives on rocky walls with little exposure to sunlight, it grows mainly in the Mediterranean and in tropical waters, where it can develop up to 60 meters deep. Rich in trace elements such as iron, zinc and magnesium.

PROPERTY: markedly moisturizing, remineralizing and balancing action. Seaweed particularly rich in micronutrients, promotes oxygenation and cellular respiration, protects the skin from harmful radiation.


Alga Laminaria Saccharina

Brown alga, grows along the coasts of Japan and the Atlantic, where it reaches a few meters in length. Rich in minerals of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, iodine and vitamins. It stimulates the natural cell turnover.

PROPERTY: strong astringent action on dilated pores, improves cell turnover, regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, performs an excellent anti-inflammatory and purifying action, as well as being an excellent anti-aging ally.



Aloe Barbadensis has been considered a magical plant for over five millennia, capable of solving all human ills, a prodigy of nature due to its varied properties. Mucopolysaccharides, complex sugars, boast an extraordinary potential in stimulating the body's defense system, protecting it from possible attacks by pathogens. Aloe is also recognized as an excellent healing and restorative property.

PROPERTY: rich in minerals, in particular manganese and selenium, with an antioxidant action to prevent and slow down the cellular aging process. The mix of vitamins guarantees the tissues a good supply of oxygen and better blood circulation. Steroids have a powerful anti-inflammatory action. Refreshes, hydrates and heals.


Shea Butter

Extracted from the seeds of the homonymous African tree defined as the "tree of youth" for its extraordinary regenerating properties. The high concentration of provitamin A, provitamin E and carotene make Shea butter, used to protect the skin from the sun and wind.

PROPERTY: it is an excellent moisturizer, emollient and anti-inflammatory, it promotes the increase of circulation allowing a better oxygenation of the epidermis, enhancing its metabolism and detoxification. It maintains the natural elasticity of the skin, has a moisturizing, nourishing and emollient function.


Collagene marino

It is a natural extract, promotes the well-being of various organs, terssuti and skin, rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and proteins. It helps to renew the disrupted cellular structures that cause wrinkles, rebuilding the basic framework of the skin tissues. It also contains hydroxyproline, a substance with moisturizing and highly protective properties.

PROPERTY: it is known as an anti-aging, protective, elasticizing, restorative, deeply moisturizing product. It reduces wrinkles and prevents the signs of aging.


Ceratonia Siliqua

Robust evergreen tree with expanded crown, native to Asia, belonging to the Fabaceae or Leguminosae family. The fruits, called Carrube, are legumes of considerable size with a flattened shape and light green color, rich in vitamins, proteins, fats, flavonoids, butyric acid, pectins, wax and tannins.

PROPERTY: this plant is attributed with antiseptic, astringent, hypoglycemic properties, combined with an excellent emollient, moisturizing and nourishing action, leaving the skin smooth and soft.


Caper extract

The Caper - Capparis Spinosa is a small shrub, very common in areas with a Mediterranean climate with branched stem and lignificant basal part. Already known in ancient times for its many properties. Caper buds have a good amount of proteins, vitamins, as well as a high content of polyphenols (quercetin - glycosides), calcium, manganese, iron and copper.

PROPERTY: plays an important antioxidant action, due to its unparalleled properties the active ingredients contained in the Caper extract have a strong antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and protective action. It also has anti-radical properties and promotes microcirculation.


Caviar extract

Caviar extract contains many marine elements that promote the skin rejuvenation process. Remarkable is the content of essential amino acids, peptides, structural proteins, essential fatty acids, iodine and trace elements that stimulate the recovery of collagen and elastin to regenerate the epidermal tissue.

PROPERTY: gives a young and luminous appearance to the skin, is moisturizing, excellent anti-aging, creates a lifting and firming effect, gives elasticity and firmness.


Prickly Pear

Opuntia Ficus-indica, belongs to the cactaceae family, originally from Mexico, then spread to the Mediterranean belt. Both cladodes or pale as well as fruits and seeds represent a precious source of trace elements such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, as well as vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber, the seeds are rich in lipids and proteins, while the fruits contain glucose, fructose and antioxidant substances such as indicaxanthin and betanin, excellent for counteracting oxidative processes.

PROPERTY: its anti-inflammatory, decongestant, emollient and healing action is excellent, vitamin C is essential for the correct formation of collagen.


Rosehip oil

It grows spontaneously in Chile, this plant is grown in the countries of South America, the essential oil is extracted from the flowers and is rich in vitamin A - C, essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, oleic acid and lycopene, excellent regenerating, healing and antioxidants.

PROPERTY: naturally regenerates the skin of the face and body, keeping it young and supple. It is one of the most powerful anti-aging present in nature, effectively counteracts and prevents skin aging, the appearance of stretch marks, reduces scars, lightens skin spots.


Lavender essential oil

It is an aromatic herbaceous plant, its origins are European, an evergreen shrub with erect stems with linear leaves and flowers grouped in thin blue-violet spikes. Lavender Angustifolia belongs to the Labiate family. To obtain the essential oil of Lavender, the flowering tops are used. This essence thanks to the high percentage of linalool has multiple therapeutic properties. It was already used by the Romans to perfume thermal waters.

PROPERTY: Lavender essential oil has an excellent purifying, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing action, it is also balsamic, soothing, decongesting and regenerating the tissues.


Tea Tree

Malaleuca Alternifolia, also known as the tea tree, of Australian origin. Used by Aboriginal populations to treat multiple ailments thanks to its exceptional properties.

PROPERTY: performs a natural antiseptic and antifungal action, purifying and healing in case of impure or oily skin. Restores the skin's natural bacterial flora and rebalances sebum regulation.